Step by step process on how to get your insurance to pay for your Cranial Prostresis

Medical coverage for Cranial Prostresis will vary depending upon your insurance carrier and type of policy. Some insurance carrier cover the full cost of the Cranial Protresis, While some others may not. It is necessary to reach out to your carrier and review your policy to determine your benefit amounts.

1. Obtain a prescription from your Doctor for a "Cranial Prostresis" including your medical diagnosis that has caused your hair loss.

2. Your prescription will include a procedure and code for your Cranial Prostresis that will be used to submit your insurance claim.

3. Ask your Physician to write a letter explaining hair loss and its effect to have the emotional well being be exemplified.

4. The client will submit their doctors prescription, with invoice, and emotional letter to their insurance company, to request reimbursement.


Dr. Khris Shampoo and Conditioner are for multi use

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