How to Prepare for Your Appointment with Dr. Khris: Ensuring a Successful Hair Care Experience


Preparing for your appointment with Dr. Khris is crucial to ensure a smooth and satisfactory hair care experience. Whether you're visiting for a scalp treatment or a styling session, following these guidelines will help both you and Dr. Khris achieve the best possible results. Please note that failure to prepare adequately may result in additional fees or the need to reschedule your appointment.


Detangle and Take Down Your Hair:

To maximize the efficiency of your appointment, it is essential that you arrive with your hair fully detangled and taken down. Dr. Khris and her team require a clean canvas to work with, and tangled or styled hair can hinder the process. By detangling your hair beforehand, you allow Dr. Khris to focus on the specific treatment or style you desire, saving both time and effort.


Scalp Treatments:

If you have scheduled a scalp treatment with Dr. Khris, it's important to understand that this service does not include a full styling session. Instead, it typically involves a simple braid down or a wash and go style. This allows Dr. Khris to concentrate on addressing the health and condition of your scalp. If you wish to have a complete style after the treatment, please inform Dr. Khris in advance, as additional time and charges may apply.


Sliding Scale Fees for Severe Cases:

For certain hair conditions that require extensive care and attention due to their severity, a sliding scale fee will be implemented. The exact cost will vary depending on the complexity and time required to address the issue. This fee structure ensures that Dr. Khris can allocate the necessary resources and provide you with the highest level of care. Rest assured, Dr. Khris is committed to helping you achieve optimal results, regardless of the severity of the job.



Preparing for your appointment with Dr. Khris is essential to ensure a successful and efficient haircare experience. Remember to fully detangle and take down your hair before your appointment, as this provides Dr. Khris with a clean canvas to work with. If you've scheduled a scalp treatment, please understand that it typically does not include a full style. For severe cases, a sliding scale fee will be applied based on the complexity of the job.


By adhering to these guidelines, you not only assist Dr. Khris and her team in delivering the best possible results but also optimize your own satisfaction with the outcome. Dr. Khris is dedicated to providing exceptional hair care services, and your cooperation in preparation ensures that your appointment runs smoothly, efficiently, and achieves the desired results.